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CBD Collection

Taking the CBD collection throughout the week I feel better in the morning, less stressed out, and not as sore throught the week.

- Jason, Satisfied Customer

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CBD Collection

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Improves Sleep
Helps reduce inflammation
Promotes Relaxation

CBD Collection – Deep Sleep, Recovery, Anti-Inflammatory, Wellness

The InnoSupps CBD Collection is the best deal you can get. For daily wellness, improved sleep, quicker recovery time, and overall inflammation reduction, the CBD Collection is a must in your daily regimen. Save over $20 per bottle when you buy this entire collection. That’s over $80 of savings!

50mg of CBD per serving

Reduce inflammation

Promotes Calmness and Anti Anxiety
Helps Return the Body to Homeostasis

The InnoSupps Difference

InnoSupps is unique because we not only use the purest CBD on the planet earth-grown on our farm in Colorado, but our product is dosed 50-200% more powerful per ml than most competitors.

We also add powerful, natural ingredients to each of our products that help you based on your specific goals. We have products designed to help with stress relief, anxiety, recovery, sleep, reducing inflammation, and they offer a wide variety of other benefits.

InnoSupps CBD includes products that are both full spectrum and isolate that contain a full range of phytocannabinoids and other beneficial plant compounds including terpenes and flavonoids.

Contains 1500mg of CBD per bottle

Contains added product specific ingredients to optimize effects and maximize absorption

Manufactured at USDA Organic, FDA approved, and GMP certified facility in Colorado

Never use pesticides, solvents, or GMOs

Lab tests every batch and provides full transparency of the tests to the public

Blended with organic MCT oil

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    Love the bottles

    The dropper actually works!! So many others that I have tried don’t even work. Great price mg per mg, in fact probably the cheapest I’ve seen. Flavor is great too verified customer review of CBD Collection

    Wish it helped more with back pain

    My doctor recommended this line for my back pain and I didn’t see a big difference. It helped me feel a little more calm forsure though


    Phenomenal and will be a long term user

    Sleep is 100x better since I started taking this. I’m burning through a lot of money on this since I take 3 droppers a night but it’s worth it


    Anxiety Gone!

    My anxiety is legit gone from eliminating dairy from my diet and adding in CBD twice a day! I have fought anxiety since the second grade and it must have been an inflammatory issue because it all but dissapeared when I made some major lifestyle changes. Don’t underestimate diet! It makes such a big difference but CBD always takes the edge off if it’s brewing up.

    Daniel S.

    Full Spectrum CBD

    Great full spectrum cbd. Pretty cool you guys are organic as well. I always was a little sketched about about pesticides in some of these unknown CBD companies. Since you guys are a reputable brand at pretty much the best price I can find online, I’ll continue buying from you.

    Still Have Questions?

    Does WELLNESS contain full spectrum or CBD Isolate?

    WELLNESS is our pure, unflavored, full spectrum CBD product. Each dropper contains 50mg of full spectrum CBD.

    Will WELLNESS help with anxiety?

    Many customers report a dramatic reduction in anxiety and even improvements in depression from taking WELLNESS and other full spectrum CBD products.

    Will WELLNESS make me tired?

    A lot of customers experienced a more relaxed state of mind but don’t usually report feelings of fatigue or “being tired” unless they take it before bed. We recommend taking 1 dropper in the morning and 1 before bed for maximum effects.

    Is DEEP SLEEP full spectrum or Isolate CBD?

    DEEP SLEEP is a full spectrum CBD which means that there are several types of active cannabinoids and trace amounts of THC in it. If you are looking for a 100% THC free product (CBD Isolate), we recommend taking either RECOVERY or ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Full Spectrum products are legal, as long as they contain less than .3% thc. Our last batch of DEEP SLEEP tested at .07% thc.

    Will DEEP SLEEP get me high?

    DEEP SLEEP will not get you high but users should feel more “relaxed” and many report comfort, reduced anxiety, and a heightened sense of wellbeing when taking it regularly.

    Will DEEP SLEEP improve quantity or quality of sleep?

    There are many studies showing that full spectrum CBD, melatonin, and valerian root (all ingredients in DEEP SLEEP) will improve the onset of sleep as well as the quality of REM sleep.

    There are no measurements on the dropper. How much should I take?

    1 full dropper is 1mL and contains 50mg of active CBD. Each dropper of DEEP SLEEP contains 2mg of Melatonin and a low dose of Valerian Root to promote a calm and relaxed mind and enhance the onset and quality of sleep.

    How much melatonin is in Deep Sleep?

    Deep Sleep contains 2mg of melatonin per full dropper (1ml)

    How far away from bed time should I take DEEP SLEEP?

    We recommend taking 1-2 droppers of DEEP SLEEP 20-40 minutes before bed time. Let the dose sit under your tongue for a full 40-60 seconds for maximal absorption and faster onset of effects.

    Will I feel groggy the day after taking DEEP SLEEP?

    The overwhelming majority of consumers wake up feeling much more refreshed than usual after taking DEEP SLEEP the night before. Occasionally, it may take 15-20 minutes to shake a slight groggy feeling in the morning. This isn’t due to the active ingredients lingering in your system and you won’t experience the “drug hangover effect” that so many sleeping pills have as a side effect. This is due to the down regulation of the endocannabinoid system, allowing you to feel calmer and achieve deeper REM sleep throughout the night.

    What is the maximal dose of DEEP SLEEP you recommend?

    The maximum dose we recommend is 3 droppers full (3mL). Each dropper contains 2mg of Melatonin and 50mg of active CBD. Doctors often prescribe up to 10mg of Melatonin so 3 droppers is still considered a conservative dose. More is not always better. Many studies have shown that 2-3mg seems to be the most effective dose of melatonin for most people.

    Will RECOVERY make me trigger a drug test for THC?

    This product contains CBD Isolate which is 100% THC free. You can view our lab tests under each product page and see that there is no THC in REC0VERY or our other CBD Isolate product ANTI-INFLAMMATORY.

    Will RECOVERY help with my joint pain?

    Many of our customers have seen positive results from RECOVERY alleviating their joint pain!

    There are no measurements on the dropper. How much should I take?

    1 full dropper is 1mL and contains 50mg of active CBD. Each dropper of ANTI-INFLAMMATORY also contains added Turmeric, Ginger, and Bioperine (black pepper extract) for enhanced absorption.

    Does ANTI-INFLAMMATORY contain full spectrum or CBD Isolate?

    ANTI-INFLAMMATORY contains CBD Isolate which means that it is 100% THC free.

    Will ANTI-INFLAMMATORY make me trigger a drug test for THC?

    This product contains CBD Isolate which is 100% THC free. You can view our lab tests under each product page and see that there is no THC in ANTI-INFLAMMATORY or our other CBD Isolate product RECOVERY.