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CBD Basics

Misconceptions About CBD

Myths about CBD That Aren’t True

Jul 15, 2019

Although CBD has been teetering on the fence of legality for quite some time, it finally seems that more than likely, it is here to stay! An increase of CBD benefits have been uncovered over the last few years, and these discoveries have skyrocketed the popularity of CBD accordingly. Thankfully, we do not foresee the government shutting it down.  Since CBD is derived from hemp and hemp is still misunderstood in the mainstream, you are bound to come across some false information about CBD online.

Below, we have highlighted some information about CBD that first-time users are most likely to come across. Hopefully, these clarifications will help shed some light on the truth about CBD and the reasons behind its continued massive growth in popularity.

CBD is Like THC Without the High

Many people assume that CBD is cannabis with the THC removed. While some CBD is derived from cannabis, you’ll find that the reputable sellers derive their CBD oil from hemp, which has 0% THC. 

CBD and THC are both found in the same plant but are entirely separate compounds. A lot of people believe that both CBD and THC have massive benefits, but more people agree that CBD dominates in the health and wellness sphere.

The Higher the Concentration, the Better the CBD

It depends on the quality of the source and the CBD product. If all sources were equal in quality, we would recommend finding a higher concentration for a lower price, so you get the best bang for your buck. Of course, not all CBD is created equal. We pride ourselves on selling the cleanest and purest CBD products on the market. We never use any extraction processes that could cause cross-contamination.  We never use any herbicides on our plants, and we package everything in a GMP and NOP certified USDA organic facility. Furthermore, we also dose our product at 1500mg when most companies dose at 250-1000mg (and we sell at a competitive price mg per mg). Each dropper contains 50mg of pure CBD (whether it be full spectrum or isolate).

In regards to finding your perfect dose: There is an amount that most people feel best on, and it’s between 50-100mg per serving. According to our customers, they find this dosage range to be the best for them. The best way to find out is to try a few different doses and see for yourself. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about any negative effects.

You’ll Fail a Drug Test

While this misconception isn’t quite as prevalent with the expansion of the CBD market, it remains in the minds of many first-time CBD users. Although found in the same plant as THC, most drug tests are screening for THC exclusively, not CBD. And when you buy from a trusted CBD supplier that derives their oil from hemp, the likelihood of THC being present is almost 0%. Even so, it is wise to check that your supplier clearly states that their products meet Federal and State legal definitions of hemp and hemp products. You can also see if they identify that the product has zero THC.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Buy Your CBD

CBD is CBD, right? Absolutely not! We say this time and time again, but we can confidently state that we sell the purest quality CBD on the market. We are actually in the process of becoming one of the first five certified USDA organic CBD brands on the market! Here are some insights into what makes InnoSupps CBD products stand out amongst our competitors: 

  • InnoSupps CBD products contain 1500mg of CBD (most competitors dose at 250-1000mg per bottle)
  • InnoSupps CBD contains added product-specific ingredients to optimize the effects of our products and maximize the absorption of our CBD and added supplements.  
  • We manufacturer at a USDA organic, FDA approved, and GMP certified facility in Colorado.
  • We NEVER use pesticides, solvents, or GMOs.  
  • Our products are blended with organic MCT oil (competitors use inferior, less healthy oil sources)

We would love for you to have the opportunity to see what all of the hype is behind InnoSupps CBD products and how it has changed so many lives. You can use the one-time discount code “INNO10” at checkout to get 10% off of your order. Shop Here.


“Never thought much about CBD before but now I wish I started using InnoSupps sooner.”

Jacob F.